Owain Rich
PhaseSpace, a radical new approach to reduce stress and anxiety.

In 2022 I created a Meta Quest and Pico app for immersive company PhaseSpace Ltd. alongside the brillant Zillah Watson and Katie Grayson.

The idea was to create a therapeutic tool to alleviate stress and anxiety using the immersive power of VR.

I worked alongside experts in Hypnotherapy, building upon established therepeutic techniques, and implemented them in VR. The product was refined by user testing and medical trials in partnership with St George's University London and is now being trialled across UK Universities and the Nation Health Service. We recently had the chance to demo the product to Professor Dame Angela McLean, the UK Government's Chief Scientific Advisor. Read about the prelimenary results of the St George's study here.

Trafficked, the BBC's first fully in-house VR production.
In 2016 alongside the brilliant Charlie Newland and Lordes Heredia, I created an immersive VR experience for Oculus Rift.
Trafficked puts you in the shoes of trafficking victim Maria, as she is abducted and moved from Nicaragua to Mexico. The story is based on real interviews conducted by Lourdes Heredia in Mexico. The piece was played in Mexico's parliament to encourage awareness and policy change.
Production techniques included:
 • Mocap using the perception neuron system.
 • 3D rigging and character design.
 • Procedurally generated street C++ class.
 • Full ambisonic soundtrack.
 • Voice recording performances with actors.
 • Gaze initiated interactions with characters.
The piece was featured at the BBC's 100 Women festival in Mexico, Sheffield Docfest and played across Latin America as part of Sheffield Docfest's Alternate Realities tour.
BBC 100 Women Festival, Mexico City
Sheffield Docfest
Trafficked featured full ambisonic sound and both a YouTube 360 version and a fully head-tracked Oculus Rift version.
We used images from Google Maps to trace the route Maria followed and recreated the street scenes in 3D. The result was a truly immersive experience that taught us a lot about storytelling in VR.