Owain Rich
Recent work
Taxi 2090

I set out to create an endless pixel art story using ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion. The result would be streamed live to Twitch. Stable Diffusion would be used to generate the graphics and ChatGPT for the story script. The concept was a Stan the cabby driving all over New York to real street intersections and picking up passengers and having conversations with them. Through conversations an evolving story is told about an apocalyptic future New York City.

I love pixel art and I got massively excited about how to generate pixel art with stable diffusion. At the time of starting the project in 2023, Midjourney and Dal-E were not good with pixel art. The results would imitate the style, but were not pixel perfect "true" pixel art. I discovered a brilliant model for Stable Diffusion called Retro Diffusion which is trained on the work of consenting pixel artists and is capable of really impressive pixel art images.

Rupert the Robot

With the announcement and massive hypetrain explosion of the Rabbit R1 I wondered, could I make a fully portable functioning ChatGPT powered voice assistant? I found the perfect hardware for this project in the M5 StickCPlus2 - it's tiny, has a built in 200mAh battery, Wifi, Bluetooth, a built in Mic and Speaker (the speaker is not really documented but I got it to work). The best bit is that it's the size of a pack of gum!

More info soon about how I went about building this including links to the code and how you can build your very own mobile personal voice assistant like Rupert.

Meta Studio
I really wanted to get some office space where I could show off my work and do emerging tech experiments. It seemed like a nice idea to create a virtual office space where anyone with a Quest headset could join and hang out. This quickly developed into a full blown production studio where users could film with virtual cameras and a virtual vision mixer.
In the end we had a fully functioning stage with the ability to present powerpoint presentations with sound to an audience, a jukebox, 3D printer, drones and loads of other fun stuff. Much more information on this project and how I did it coming soon...
Drones at the BBC

I built and operated the first drone for BBC News as well as working to standardise drone operations across the organisation. Our cutting edge work was documented by the New York Times. , Wired Magazine and The Washinton Post.

The first drone I built for the BBC was a DJI F450 using the Naza M Lite flight controller. This was a period before off the shelf drones like the Phantom, and there were also no brushless motor 2 or 3 axis gimbals. That would come in the following years. Using an old Makerbot and accelerometer and gyroscope chips and two brushless motors I built a custom 2 axis gimbal for a Gopro 2 camera.
Above Brazil
Talking about drones on BBC